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A partial process installation in the new Organocell Paper Mill from September 1991. We installed the pipeline bridge system and the water line system (DN 80) completely as well as the medium and small pressure steam pipeline system (DN 400-500). The complete installation of the tanks, the laying of the whole steam and condensate system was performed by us as well as the outfitting of the digester and boiler buildings (pumps and connected systems) with the installation of ca. 20 km stainless steel pipelines as the subcontractor of Firma Krtalic GmbH.


The welding and fitting of the main carbon steel pipeline and the prefabrication and the installation of the steel construction of the transfer shafts for the district heating network system of Munich was carried out by us in cooperation with the company Broschier. (DN 900, DN 800, DN 500, DN 300 pipes)


The pipeline installation tested to 100 % by X-ray of the boiler building in the sugar mill was made together with Mannesmann GmbH. Furthermore the steam system, the cooling water system, the pressure enhancing system and the steam connection of the turbines were installed.

HOECHST A.G.-Kelheim

The prefabrication, installation and start-up of the complete carbon and stainless steel pipeline system in the viscose factory with US-character. Installation and connection of the process machines. Modification and connection of the old system to the new one.


Works on the new steam and condensate pipeline network in the brewing house (DN 300). Complete installation and welding of the stainless steel piping in the cellars 9-13 as well as the laying of the complete piping for beer and the modification and designing of the stainless steel systems in the brewing house, diameters DN 15 – DN 300. Rebuild and process piping of the complete Ászok-cellar and Welhoener-cellar as general contractor.

HUNGAROVIN Zrt. – Törley Sparkling Wine Factory

Total erection of the new sparkling wine department in accordance with the new requirements of the food industry and laying of the liquor pipeline to connect. Automating of the grape processing department in Etyek.

Vintner Plant BALATONBOGLÁR – wine processing

Laying of a stainless steel transfer pipeline (DN 80), designing and performing of the cooling system to the wine tanks. Erection of machines, process piping, welding in the new grape processing department as general contractor. Performing of all relevant works in the new office buildings, social rooms and plant restaurant.

STOLLWERCK Chocolate Factory – Budapest

STOLLWERCK Cookie Factory – Székesfehérvár. Machine erection, performing of process piping and welding works of stainless steel with a German supervisor.

Power plant Százhalombatta

Complete assembling of the whole steel construction of the heat converting boiler G2, erection of the boiler covering, complete erection works of the piping bridge and the chimney. Prefabrication and erection of 310 tons of steel construction. Process piping at the Mol Rt.

Power plant II. – Csepel

Erection work of the underground water pipeline for fire extinguishing. Erection works of the main and auxiliary cooling water system (D = 1800mm).

ALCOA KÖFÉM-Székesfehérvár

Welding works on DN 250, DN 300 gas pipeline.

HUNGRANA Kft.-Szabadegyháza

Performing of works on the cooling system, Works on stainless steel pipelines (from DN 15 up to DN 400) in the starch and sugar plant. Fabrication, erection, piping and insulation works of stainless steel storage tank with 1500 m3 volume as general contractor.

VINÁRIUM Zrt.-Budapest

Fabrication, erection of 10 stainless steel wine tanks with 10 m3 volume each.

DUNAFERR Energiaszolgáltató Kft.-Dunaújváros

Installation of steam heat tracing pipeline (5/4”) to the mazut pipeline connecting the mazut plant with the fleet of pumps.

DUNAPACK Zrt. – Packaging paper mill

Modification of the water system of the PM 3: Installing of the pipeline sections WA25.03.02; WA25.03.04; WA25.03.03. Erection of the complete vacuum system, automating and replacing of piping of the steam and condensate system.


Fabrication and erection of the complete dust exhausting system for the material preparationand tile production line. (hot – solid)


Heat supply of the of the 25/6 bar pressure reducing station for gas, the process piping with erection of equipments of the mentioned project.